Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thoughts of a Philosophical Insurgent; Prologue

As the next leg of my journey through life begins, I look to the past to see what I had, wanted, what my goals were and what they will be. So, I have decided to document the path I walk. In this case, I write about the beginning, the decision to walk that path. This will not be the main focus of this blog, this site. It will simply be part of it, as this blog is actually a piece of it. One is all, all is one.

And so, I present to you my journey's prologue.

When reading the books of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Hemmingway, and the likes of the beat generation, it takes a degree of focus, time to sit and take in the lines, the words, the pacing, the view of the world displayed from each writer's point of view. I think of those people, the so-called "speed readers" who read a book a week, not caring what kind of book it is. There are books I can read in a week, but they are more in the vein of watching a movie to kill some time. Books that are important, that truly encapsulate the term, the meaning of "literature" take a bit longer. Books that you can embrace with your soul must be taken in. In time.

Perhaps it's the fact I read books that are actually good. My refusal to consider mediocrity as the best that things can be. Because it can be better. Being "all right" is not good. And it's not worth my time, nor is it worth yours.

Perhaps it is that America has come to settle on what it can get now, without searching for something better. There was a time when we would search. We would wander the country, the continent, the world. Searching. Seeking what we know is out there, waiting for us. And it is still out there, waiting.

So, what do we have here close to us? Community college with affordable tuition? A church regularly attended by complete strangers we call acquaintances? A steady job with steady pay that feeds no passion in our souls?

What is out there? Waiting? School that is more expensive that truly teaches the trace that ignites the love, the passion within your soul. A belief in one's self. An acceptance for one's actions, good or bad, and not laying the blame or giving the credit to "god". A career worth working for that makes a morning person out of the most nocturnal of us.

And so, I wander. In a metaphysical sense, at least. Through the astral planes and time, beyond the physical restraints of the wellness of being. To a time when I would not be alone, but many like me existed. Those who refused to accept that banality of the normal life. Jumping trains. Working short term jobs to get them to their next destination.

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