Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow. It's December already.

So, I've been horribly behind on posting. The whole work thing and the holidays and playing video games. I haven't been writing too much lately, either.

There is a waning pile of doom leaving the theatre right now. Lameass school shows.

Frog and I decided we are starting a Nerdcore side project called OC/DC. I think Stephanie may be in on that one, too. Chaz and I are still trying to get Kid Friendly Genocide up and running. Matt and I are only half joking when we say we want to start an outlaw country band called Richard McGerkin and the Rooster Wranglers.

My only time to hang out and play video games is when I should be sleeping. Now, I want to add three bands to the mix. I'm sure that's a BRILLIANT move.

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